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Sunrise Sessions

Enjoy a 3o minute, 45 minute, or one hour class at select areas on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

There's always Something in the Water here on the largest stretch of pleasure beach in the world!


 Enjoy an intimate practice in the comfort of your home,  or other designated location, either individually or with a group. Learn to naturally prepare the body for childbirth and recovery. A prenatal session turns a traditional practice into a mindful and clarifying experience, with the goal of aiding in the well-being of both mother and child, before, during, and after labor.

Making another human is hard work! What better way to center and recover from the chaos your body just went through while slowly moving into a different mindset...the mindset of a mother! The choice is yours whether you’d prefer baby to join you for this intimate session which can be catered to include mother only, mother and child, or whole families. Welcome your new family member with mindfulness and intention.

Call 757.32.6800 to schedule!

Gospel, Rock, 

Hip Hop, or Jazz?

Choose among these or other genres and the speakers will be provided! We gather  for so many different reasons, why not grab your crew for a workout of the mind and body? Great for parties and showers of all kinds, surprise your loved ones with the gift of wellness by purchasing several sessions as a gift! Birthdays and holidays are a perfect time to purchase a weekly or monthly package...Ensure your loved ones enjoy health and mobility for years to come! Call 757.332.6800 to schedule!

Kids Yoga

Yoga for Young Athletes

Firm717’s owner is a licensed educator and professor with over seven years of experience teaching at the secondary level. She has witnessed first hand the tremendous benefits student athletes gain from a daily, or even weekly, yoga practice. Help your student athlete restore and renew fragile muscles and minds!

Mindful meditation is a great way to help students reduce test anxiety, depression, and the overall feeling of uneasiness that some children often experience. Arm your child with an understanding of mindfulness and intentional goal setting as they head off to school each day.







Could your organization or employees benefit from the mental and physical advantages of a regular mindful practice? Want to shake up your next physical training session? Mindfulness, meditation, and the numerous physical and mental advantages that yoga offers can be incorporated into your next training event.

Call 757.332.6800 to discover how Firm717's services can benefit your bottom line!